It is important that we all look what’s happening to the brand image of Hyderabad. At one time Hyderabad was known as business city and a city of growth. International reputed people like Bill gates and Bill Clinton when they have made their first visit to India have also visited Hyderabad. Now, the outlook of Hyderabad has changed, as scam capital of India.

People like ministers, judges, businessmen’s etc., are in jail after scam’s took place between 2004 and 2009. This is just because of congress government. Now they broke up into 3 pieces and blame each other that they are not responsible for the situation.

Since the demand of Telangana issue, the Sri Krishna committee has placed a report which was clearly written that Hyderabad is the bone of contentions and have been placed this information in front of the Central government and asked for speedy results but there is no response till now.  But till today the central government led by UPA or congress, they don’t have the will power to take a decision stuck in between Telangana demand and corruption scams of YSR. The Hyderabad is really stuck and goingback day by day. Today Hyderabadhas fallen behind Chennai and Banglore. There are lakhs of youth in the institutes of Ameerpet even after holding merits and degrees from reputed colleges who cannot find appropriate jobs. Huge unemployment for IT people. Hyderabad use to form 42% of our state’s economytoday we are going backwards. Hide images has taken a beating. On 1 hand we are suffering from agitation and baths by KCR and on the other hand. YSR scams of governing. If we want to rebuild the image of Hyderabad and to make a place in the metropolis and its responsibility of all the citizens and parts of our state and the entire nation as it takes years to rebuild and seconds destroy.


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For Congress and Jagan, “innocence and dirtiness” go together

The above ad-age suits perfect for the Congress and its allies from the current political and socio-economic crisis it has got the nation into. While on one hand, our Economist-turned-Prime Minister tries to convince everyone that he is clean and innocent, his Government has looted several lakh crores through the 2G, coal and other scams in the last nine years, after effects of which are now being felt across the nation. The Congress Government is a rogue regime with an iron fist where the country is divided and legitimate tools of governance like the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) are used to protect people like Jagan Mohan Reddy, Chief of YSRCP who have facilitated the criminal loot of national resources and benefitted out of it enormously. The root cause of all problems such as casteism, communalism, law and order or social unrest lies in illiteracy, unemployment and poverty. Survival insecurities and religious fundamentalism are being used as weapons of political mobilization and mayhem. The Indian economy is in a shambles, the nation is reeling under corruption, inflation has raised the cost of necessities, and not to forget, the “financial pundits” who have encouraged imports that destroy local production capacities resulting in massive unemployment. A closer look at the UPA’s support structure reveals how India’s institutions are being subverted. Parties supporting the UPA, such as the SP, BSP, DMK and many others, are being kept in line by the Congress party through the use of state power in the form of …

Looking beyond the Dollar-Rupee parity

Today, the US$ 1 = INR 64.04 and the daggers are out with opposition parties in the Parliament chanting PM 2013 = FM 1991 (life has turned a full-cycle to the Economist-turned-Prime Minister of India). We have reactions across the business fraternity too, starting with Indian stock markets crashing, some ‘pundits’ saying “Greed or fear? Rupee, market gloom may be overdone.” And on a lighter note, somebody said, “For the first time in the history of mankind, Need, Comfort, Luxury are sold at the same price in India! – Onions Rs. 80, Petrol Rs. 80 and Beer Rs. 80!Respectively.” While a majority of the readers will agree that the Dollar-Rupee parity is at an alarming rate, my fear is that the situation is not likely to improve if one follows the trend of how other currencies and economies are reacting or have reacted to the fluctuations in the US market. The Euro is going back and forth against the Dollar but the signs are it is strengthening relatively. If you look at the Thai Baht (Thailand’s currency) it weakens when US Dollar strengthens and strengthens when US economy weakens. There was a time when value of Thai Baht was 42 against the US$ 1 and the Indian Rupee was Rs 36. Once the US economy weakened, Thai Baht strengthened to 30. In that case, one would expect the Rupee to strengthen to 25 at least. Instead, the Rupee fell to 60 and above. The reason for this awkward movement (if …