S.No. Qualification University / Institute
1 M.S. (1989) Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management Stanford University, USA
2 B.E. (1985) Industrial Engineering Madras University(R.E.C. Trichy)
3 Intermediate (1980) Little Flower Junior College
4 High School (X Class – 1978) Hyderabad Public School

Srikanth has an excellent academic track record of securing a first class/distinction all through school, college and university. He also received several prizes and certificates for topping the class or securing a rank. He also received Merit scholarships during several phases of the educations stage in life.

He studied in REC Trichy (now called NIT), was always ranked amongst the top 10 Engineering Colleges in the Country. After his admission to REC, Srikanth consistently secured rank in the top 3 in class in the Branch of Industrial Engineering. He pursued advanced education through an MS (Master of Science) Degree from the most reputed University in the world – Stanford University, California, USA.

As he hails from a family background of highest level of integrity and honesty, pursuing education in such a reputed University was unaffordable to him. Apart from being ranked amongst the world’s top 3 universities, Stanford University is also noted to be very expensive for education. He successfully completed his MS from Stanford under such conditions through financial support received from research assistance ship.


Current Position……… Chairman & Managing Director, Four Soft Limited, Hyderabad. Since 2000 (Hyderabad)

Srikanth is the sole Founder and Managing Director of Four Soft Limited, which is a listed Company on NSE and BSE with enterprise value of 300 crores. The Company employs 750 people with the Head Office and development centre in Hi-tech City, Hyderabad. The Company operates subsidiaries/branches in Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Japan, Denmark, Netherlands, UK & USA. Four Soft is an enterprise software company (products) for the transportation and logistics vertical and supply chain process management domain. As the founder and MD, He was involved in almost all aspects of the business including product development, sales, implementation and financial planning and controls. His position involved international travel of 10-12 days per month on an average. His exposure to the outside world particularly in developed economies is extremely strong. The network of relationships with overseas Indians, as well as foreigners continues to grow in this position.

his organization was started from scratch and he has developed a strong, second line of management. The company is reasonably professionalized, corporatized and is well managed through processes, controls and delegation rather than his individual involvement in all activities. The success of this entrepreneurial position has also resulted in substantial financial gains to him as an individual.

1996 – 2000…………….. Managing Director, Emery Worldwide India Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi. (now UPS)

Emery is a total integrated logistics / transportation service provider including airfreight, ocean freight, customs, warehousing and distribution. Emery has a network of 500 offices worldwide and a turnover of USD 2.5 billion. Emery was a subsidiary of CNF Inc, a fortune 500, listed Company on NYSE with annual revenue of USD 5.5 billion.

Srikanth was the Co-founder, Local Joint Venture Partner and the Managing Director of the Indian Operation, which was established in 1996. When he left the organization in 2000, it had grown to a volume of business of INR 100 crores with offices in 7 metros and 200 employees in India. As he has built the operation from scratch he was involved in all aspects of business, including building a strong management team which gives perpetuity to organization’s business model. The organization has continued to sustain the growth even after his exit. The overseas partner ( Emery, USA) has completely acquired his ownership in the Indian Company on mutually accepted terms. It was a very cordial exit and a true win-win relationship. This has also resulted in substantial financial gains for him personally through creation of this organization

In this position he was responsible for managing the operations of emery in other South Asian Countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka & Nepal. During this period, he was required to travel 12-15 days per month on average. While half of it was to different metros in India, the remaining half was overseas travel mostly to developed countries in the world such as USA, Europe and Far East. He has developed skills to manage people and relationships in different parts of the country, as well as internationally in this position.

Some of the key responsibilities at a tactical level in this position included, setting up of operations and processes, management control, hiring and grooming management teams, sales, financial and fiduciary activities.

1989 – 94……………….. Logistics Manager, Hewlett Packard, Singapore.

Srikanth was based at the Asia Pacific distribution operation of Hewlett Packard, in Singapore. The operation was the Distribution Center for computer products, peripherals and consumables. This operation supplied to the market demands of all countries in Asia Pacific. As a Logistics Manager, his responsibilities were

  • Set up systems to measure the total transit time
  • Manage and improve the turnaround time
  • Appoint / manage the transportation companies
  • Managing over 2,000 shipments a day
  • Total shipment value of USD 200 million per month
  • Improvement of processes by implementation of direct order processing and direct delivery systems with the end customers.


Promoting Education amongst women in economically weaker families

We believe that educating a man results in education for one individual. However, if a woman is educated, the whole family gets education. In economically backward families, particularly in rural areas, due to limited resources, the family tends to educate only the male children and discontinue education for the girls at a relatively young age. The school results actually confirm that the girl students tend to secure better grades academically. But in higher and continued education, their percentage seeking education continues to dwindle. So the trust provides scholarships to meritorious students from various disciplines across the district.

This programme has been conducted every year since 1999.

Water Tankers

Justice P.C.Reddi Trust has provided Water Tankers to supply drinking water in Kadapa town during the difficult summer period.


Justice P.C.Reddi Trust and its trustees have undertaken the renovation of Sangameswar Temple in Animela and constructed Ramalayam in Tatimakulapalli Village of Veerapunayunipalli Mandal.

IT Education

Justice P.C.Reddi Trust is providing Personal Computers to Private and Government managed middle and high schools in Kadapa District. The ambitious plan envisages distribution of 1000 computers across the district in a span of 18 months. 150 computers have been distributed in the first phase.

The trust is also setting up IT training centres in major towns in Kadapa district. These training centres will be manned by qualified professionals from the IT Industry. These trainers would visit the schools in the villages and provide IT training to the children as well as teachers and make them self sustainable in IT literacy and education. The students and the teachers can also visit the training centres at their convenience and obtain training free of cost from these centres. These IT institutes are available free to other common people as well, when they are not being used by students or teachers. This programme has received extremely positive feed back from all sections of the society. There is a growing demand for implementing this model at a rapid pace across the district. Srikanth and the Trust are passionately pursuing this programme to establish IT literacy at a very gross root levels of the country. This programme is aimed at addressing the root cause of a potential, social catastrophe at a national level.