Justice P.Chenna Keshav Reddi is the former Chief Justice of Andhra Pradesh High Court. He hails from Veerapunayunipalli Mandal of Kadapa District in Andhra Pradesh. In honour of his services to the judiciary, the lawyers of kadapa erected his statue in Kadapa Town in 1999.

Coinciding with this event, he set up a trust with a vision to encourage education amongst the poor, rural students in kadapa District. In particular, he wanted to encourage Women’s education.

His son and Trustee, Palem Srikanth Reddy is the Chairman of Four Soft Limited, a Public Listed IT Company. He has added to this vision a new dimension of promoting IT Education in rural schools. This programme enables the economically disadvantaged rural school children to gain access and develop IT skills from a young age. The students coming from such communities have good degrees but fail to secure employment due to lack of desired skills. The employment opportunities in urban India are increasing. Such opportunities are also now spreading to second level cities. There is an acute shortage of skilled, trained and talented manpower in most sectors including retail, infrastructure, IT and Pharma. On the other hand, we have millions of educated but unemployed or under employed youth. This mismatch is caused by lack of various skills but specifically IT skills from a young age. The trust is working towards bridging this gap and create a win-win situation for the industry as well as to people of the country who need appropriate employment. As a part of this effort, the trust has taken up the project on a massive scale to provide IT education in schools. This programme will fill the gap to the benefit of the IT Industry as well as economically disadvantaged rural children.