Promoting Education amongst women in economically weaker families

We believe that educating a man results in education for one individual. However, if a woman is educated, the whole family gets education. In economically backward families, particularly in rural areas, due to limited resources, the family tends to educate only the male children and discontinue education for the girls at a relatively young age. The school results actually confirm that the girl students tend to secure better grades academically. But in higher and continued education, their percentage seeking education continues to dwindle. So the trust provides scholarships to meritorious students from various disciplines across the district.

This programme has been conducted every year since 1999.

Water Tankers

Justice P.C.Reddi Trust has provided Water Tankers to supply drinking water in Kadapa town during the difficult summer period.


Justice P.C.Reddi Trust and its trustees have undertaken the renovation of Sangameswar Temple in Animela and constructed Ramalayam in Tatimakulapalli Village of Veerapunayunipalli Mandal.

IT Education

Justice P.C.Reddi Trust is providing Personal Computers to Private and Government managed middle and high schools in Kadapa District. The ambitious plan envisages distribution of 1000 computers across the district in a span of 18 months. 150 computers have been distributed in the first phase.

The trust is also setting up IT training centres in major towns in Kadapa district. These training centres will be manned by qualified professionals from the IT Industry. These trainers would visit the schools in the villages and provide IT training to the children as well as teachers and make them self sustainable in IT literacy and education. The students and the teachers can also visit the training centres at their convenience and obtain training free of cost from these centres. These IT institutes are available free to other common people as well, when they are not being used by students or teachers. This programme has received extremely positive feed back from all sections of the society. There is a growing demand for implementing this model at a rapid pace across the district. Srikanth and the Trust are passionately pursuing this programme to establish IT literacy at a very gross root levels of the country. This programme is aimed at addressing the root cause of a potential, social catastrophe at a national level.